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Alba Vital Scan: Project Programme

(1) Investigate www non-contact technologies, methodologies and research outcomes: 

     May to November 2020


(2) Agree project in principle with NHS Medical Physics and Universities

     June to November 2020


   NB: Alba Medical Sciences will provide its scientific-grade imaging hardware and analytical     software package, together with technical expertise in project management,

    development and capture of infrared data. We will be working alongside a team of

   clinicians, healthcare workers, medical physics personnel and University specialists in

    optical based techniques, within the Ninewells Hospital, Dundee.

(3) Launch public appeal for funding, in order to cover all of the costs of the project without       recourse to NHS Budget’s, with commencement of the assessments at Ninewells scheduled     for January 2021. The total projected budget is £120,000.

    November to December 2020


(4) Agree internal NHS Ninewells clinical input and project protocols. Detail the key team

    responsibilities and prepare an action plan for commencement of individual assessments in     January 2021. 

    November to December 2020 


(5a) Commence research / trials on application of infrared thermography and establish best          practice.

     January to May 2021


(b) Trial / determine Heart/Respiration measurement technologies and establish best practice

     January to May 2021


     NB: It is intended that every assessment of each individual, will produce a comprehensive       vital signs data-set, which will allow a full technical and clinical analysis to be made.

      Based on the clinical interpretation of that data, an indicative diagnosis of the

     state of the patients health can be made. 


      Data from a control group of fit and healthy individuals would be undertaken

     for comparison. of the data  


(6) Develop software programme / algorithms based on vital-sign measurement data input

     January to September 2021


(7) Develop suitable (functional) mobile housing unit for all data collection hardware

     January to May 2021


(8) Develop remote-control robotic mobile housing unit and patient communication hardware

     January to November 2021


(9) Produce a detailed report on the project and list whatever steps are necessary to

     facilitate adoption of the Alba Vital Scan software and robotic technology across the NHS

     and GP surgeries. This will include a review of specification/cost  performance parameters      and re-design for commercialisation.

     December 2021

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